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Where children embark on an exciting journey of learning, growth, and fun! For several decades, our primary goal has been to introduce the joys of trampoline and tumbling to children as young as 10 months old. We believe that learning and play are interconnected, and we prioritize providing a safe and enjoyable environment for every child’s development. Our dedicated staff members are not only highly educated and enthusiastic but also safety-certified, ensuring that each student receives the best possible instruction tailored to their individual needs.

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Gymagic offers many programs that can help anyone improve their self-esteem, fitness,
strength and flexibility.

Renowned as one of the premier Trampoline and Tumbling (TnT) gyms in the United States, we aim to help our athletes acquire important skills that will serve them well throughout their lives in a fun, safe, and Christian environment.

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30 Remarkable Benefits of Gymnastics

Gymnastics is a fun and exciting sport with many physical, emotional, and mental benefits for both children and adults.

Who is Gymagic?


Step into the world of Gymagic, where excellence meets passion in every flip and tumble. As a USAG recognized Gymnastic Facility, Gymagic stands at the forefront of gymnastics training, offering a sanctuary for aspiring athletes to thrive and grow.

Nestled within our walls lies a state-of-the-art Trampoline and Tumbling facility, equipped with the latest technology and gear to propel athletes to new heights of achievement. From springing toddlers to seasoned seniors, Gymagic welcomes all ages and skill levels, fostering a culture of inclusivity and determination.

Witness the pinnacle of achievement as our Senior Elite athletes, like our 21-year-old standout, dominate the competitive arena with grace and skill. Under the guidance of our coaches, every athlete receives positive instruction infused with technical excellence, laying the foundation for success both on and off the mat.

At Gymagic, we firmly believe in the potential of every child to succeed. Our philosophy centers on empowerment and encouragement, nurturing not just athletic prowess but also the character and resilience essential for life’s challenges.

Ultimately, Gymagic is more than just a gym—it’s a community dedicated to shaping not only good gymnasts but good people. With values of integrity, perseverance, and respect at our core, Gymagic is here to inspire greatness, one flip at a time. Welcome to the magic of Gymagic.

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