Class Descriptions

Beetle Bug

- These little guys start as soon as they can walk to age two. This is a parent involvement class. Parents get ready to learn along with your child.


- Tadpoles are our two to three year olds. We ask that parents remain in the building to assist if needed. At this age, many of the children are able to take part in this class without a parent in the room; however, parent involvement is welcomed if desired.

Monkeys & Tigers

- Monkeys are our three year old and Tigers are our four and five, and these classes work off of our three, four, and five year old report cards. At this age, we begin to teach the basic fundamentals of gymnastics such as balance, bearing and transferring weight, positions, safety rules, and so much more!

Advanced Preschool

- This class was designed for our more experienced four and five year olds. After MASTERING the skills taught in a monkeys/ tigers class, children that are ready will be invited into the advanced class to begin working on next level skills for gymnastics

Your kids will learn gymnastics skills while having a ball

Your kids will learn gymnastics skills while having a ball

Your preschooler will learn fundamental preschool gymnastics skills, including:

  • Forward roll
  • Backward roll
  • Straddle roll
  • Handstand
  • Cartwheel
  • Balance beam
  • Tuck jump
  • Straddle jump
  • Pike jump
  • Seat drop
  • Doggie drop
  • Tummy drop

Plus, they'll stretch and participate in coordination drills and motion activities. Parents are always welcome in the gym during classes. Our student-to-teacher ratio ranges from four to one for two-year-olds to six to one for ages four through five.

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