Dynamite Class

This class was created to help athletes transition from our preschool program to our hour long TNT (trampoline and tumbling) classes. This class is one hour long and will ensure that they master every skill needed to move to the TNT program with ease

Trampoline and Tumbling

This format is the most popular and the favorite of most of the children at Gymagic! We utilize all the equipment and stations at the gym and work off a 5 level program written for Trampoline and Tumbling.


55 minutes of Trampoline and Tumbling to challenge all of your child's gymnastics goals!! We use all the equipment and areas of the gym, especially our LOOSE FOAM PIT!! Great fun, lots of energy and a fantastic introduction to gymnastics! Our staff of well trained coaches are able to teach this sport to any level, Beginner to Advanced

Cheer Tumbling

This class is open to intermediate to advanced tumblers (must have round-off back handspring by self). This is a great class for those who aspire to be a cheerleader, who already are a cheerleader, or those that just enjoy tumbling

Pencil in our classes

Ready to sign up? You can choose between one-hour per week classes for $81 per month and two-hour per week classes for $129 per month. Did you miss a class? Please call to schedule a make-up class. Plus, we host open gyms the 2nd and 4th Friday from 6:30-9:30 p.m. Pay $25 to participate in each Fun Friday event.

Register for youth gymnastics classes now by calling 361-578-4272.